Sara Avoscan and Omar Genuin send probably the third ascent of the legendary Rieser route „Step Across the border/Senkrecht ins Tao“. They climbed the route in the so-called “team red point”, except for the two crux pitches, which both climber redpointed.
The route in the Marmolada was firstascented by Darshano L. Rieser together with Ingo Knapp about 25 years ago, as a bolt-free route, at the border to the 10th grade and accordingly offers special psychological, but also physically demanding climbing.
STEPS ACROSS THE BORDER / Marmolada-8a max-R4 ( RIESER-KNAPP-1984-1995) Some routes are a monument, Steps Across the Border is one of these. It tooks them 12 years to open it without any bolt! The ruote topo was over my “girl bed “since years, but we were afraid to touch his rock ; at the end it was one of our best climbing and a big match for both of us! we climbing this route RP in a team ascent, dividing the pitch equaly .