There is now something new from the strong Czech Martin Stráník. He sends a new top boulder with „Warrior“ (8C) in the Bohemian Elbe Valley. He managed the 23 brutal endurance boulder in quite „arctic“ temperatures and „polar wind“ :-). In addition with previously unrepeated Boulders „Poslední mažoret“ (8C) by Rostislav „Rosta“ Stefanek and „Double Back-Flip“ (8C/+) by Michael Scholz in  Bahratal (Saxonian Switzerland), the boulder is likely to be the hardest climbing meters in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains.

„Brutal endurance boulder around 23 moves, no really hard move but also no easy move. Kind of connection of three 8A+/B boulders with little rest between. In total it took me 4 days. Two on the separate parts and two more to connect them. It was about minus 4°C but the windchill was bit lower cause of gentle wind.“

Photo: (c) Jakub Fric