The latest version of the 27 Crags app now gives everyone
the ability to become a guidebook author; all they need is a smartphone! Snap a picture
of the crag, draw the routes, add some notes, and in under 1 minute, you’re an author.
Topo authors can even earn from their work or donate the profits to access and bolt
funds to support climbing development around the world.

In the past, climbers have had to rely on printed guide books or word of mouth to find
routes and other general information about climbing locations. As the climbing world is
rapidly developing, it is becoming increasingly challenging to keep up with the demand
for new and updated information in printed form.

The 27 Crags Premium subscription gives climbers access to a worldwide database of
over 2,000 topos made up of 120,000 different routes, plus crag locations, beta, maps,
and more. Made by climbers, for climbers. With 50% of Premium subscription fees
going straight back to the authors themselves or being donated to bolt funds, 27 Crags
provides a great solution to help the climbing community share up-to-date information
whilst future-proofing the sport through donations at the same time.

“The way we collaborate with topo authors is revolutionary in the history of climbing
guide books. 27 Crags is not just a rock climbing app; it’s a platform to earn or donate
funds to climbing areas.” Said Ville Muittari, CEO of 27 Crags. “Since the beginning of
27 Crags, we have tried to find a sustainable way to fund climbing area development.
With the current premium model, we have a possibility to reward all parties who
participate in the development of climbing areas and help to make the sport safer and
more accessible.”

Climbers are invited to use their phone or computer to create topos of their local crag
through the app. Friends can team up to make topos together, and all Premium topo
authors can earn 50% of subscription profits. The top authors are currently making over
€1000 a month and have the choice to either cash out these profits or donate them back
to a climbing charity. More information can be found at