21-year-old Frenchman Pierre Le Cerf reports on his Insta that he sends Adam Ondra’s route „Eagle-4“ (9b) in St. Léger. Pierre downgraded the route as 9a+. Adam Ondra was also not quite sure when he first ascented the route in 2018 whether he should now grading „Eagle-4“ as 9a+ or 9b. The route is described as having two hard boulder crux’s (8B and 8A+) with a couple of „good“ holds in between.

„I am satisfied, good performance….

I asked the question above about the rating, as at this level you have to stay serious, a + changes the situation enormously, even a slash „/“…. I would suggest 9a+ according to my feeling and skills, not easy, but 9b would be too high for me. I quote again that @adam. ondra has vacillated between 9a+ and 9b for eagle 4 and finally said 9b, but between a FA and the fourth ascent there is a huge mental difference for me and methods that improve…. apart from having finger injuries and other craziness, if I have to give him a rating despite warnings or even threats, then…. it’s 9a+ but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a big 9a+, very physical and I take my hat off to those who made it (Julia, hugo, Adam), really, because mentally you have to be strong from A to Z, and especially the good conditions are not easy to get. Now everyone has their own opinion, but I think 9b is a step too high, that’s my suggestion, for eagle-4 very nice route….

Julia Chanourdie became the third woman in the world to climb a 9b route after the repeating „Eagle 4“ in St-Léger du Ventoux. It was the 3rd ascent of the route after first ascent by Adam Ondra and Hugo Parmentier.

Foto: (c) Adrien Boulon