“Peak District - A day in climbers life“- climbers makes music

The fact that climbers make music is nota big news. So the two climbers Florian Wäldele and Florian Dreßler got together and founded the band „Ohohoh“. With the song “Peak District” they have composed an homage to climbing and nature. The plan was to go to the UK’s Peak District climbing area to shoot a music video … the lockdown made this impossible …

We started a worldwide call in the climbing scene to send us video material of themselves … It quickly became apparent that many support this idea of ​​a community project, and when Stefan Glowacz gave his approval, it became clear to us that it would be something very special would. We found the ideal partner for the project in video producer Nora Caterin Born, herself a climber and first ascenter. With many climbers from all over the world we show an ideal day outside on the rock … and we love what we do so much!

Among other things, there are: Isabelle Patissier, Juliane Wurm, Bernd Zangerl, James Pearson, Pete Whittaker, Les Freres Mawem…


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