After hard “work”, Moritz Welt sends the still open project on the Zauppenberger Wand or „Catch me“-Wandl in the  Oberen Ailsbachtal in his home crag of the Northern Frankenjura in Germany. The result was the route “Star Shopping“, for which Moritz carefully suggests XI or 9a.

After checking the route for the first time I instantly knew that was the kind of line I was searching for. It’s a 25 meters high wall with a 10m roof in the middle that has just one pure sequence of holds to climb on. You basically climb some 7c to a no hands ledge, and after some easy approach it’s 10 consecutive hard moves through the roof. After that you have some 8a climbing to the top. At the beginning I was struggling a lot with the single moves, but after checking out everything perfectly it went faster than expected. In total it took me 6 sessions.”

Photo: (c) Lars Decker