For a long time there was nothing new to report from Daniel Woods. But now he is providing another potential 9A boulder with the sit start variant of „Sleepwalker“ „Return of the Sleepwalker„. For a quarter of a year Daniel tried to climb the boulder „Sleepwalker“ with an 8C + a sit start with six more 8B moves.

Before he succeeded, he climbed the original boulder alone almost twenty times, but he finally succeeded. Daniel means: „It’s all just a game people… and I play the game. The game is how comfortable can you become with your own insanity“.

For his complete work „Return of the Sleepwalker“ Daniel graded the Boulder with V17 or 9A, which is probably justified with this combination. Currently there is still no actuel 9A boulder on this planet. „Burden of Dreams“ by Nalle Hukkataivals has not yet been repeated. „No Kapote only“ by Charles Albert and also „Soudain Seul“ by Simon Lorenzi were both downgraded by Nico Perloson.

Photo: (c) Bobby Sorich