Alexey Rubtsov spent ten days in the newly developed bouldering area „Djan-tugan“ in the Central Caucasus in a side valley of the Baksantales in the Elbrus area. In addition Alexey cleaned and climbed 22 new boulders in grade 5 to 8B and he repeated the top boulder „Low Priora“ (8C/ +) by Wadim Timonow from last year.

The „Djan-tugan“ area was only created after a mudslide in 2017, when it cleared a lot of blocks.

„After the climb “Focus failed” I decided to close the stone and today returned for the second line. The most difficult boulder in the area. Low Priora 8C +? I will assume that it is still 8C. Thanks @vadim_timonov for preparing these two lines! I had a couple of great trainings here ;)“