Jonas Haering first ascented a new test piece in the German climbing crag Southern Franconian Jura on 26 September with Frühling in Paris“. Jonas needed 40 sessions until he succeeded in climbing through. But we don’t know why Jonas thinks of „Spring in Paris“ in autumn ;-).

The route, about ten metres long, is located on the Untere Allinger Wand to the right of the „Stilfrage“. The route is not high and with the crux at the end. If the difficulty is confirmed, the route should be the first route in the full 11th grade in the Southern Franconian Jura and thus replace ‚Le Temps de Vivre‘ by Daniel Gebel as the most difficult route in the crag.

Jonas says about the route: „Certainly not a tour for which you have to sit in the car for hours, but as a local test piece it’s quite good. Above all, despite the seemingly fragile rock, it’s completely natural, which is not a matter of course for this level of difficulty in Franconia ;)“.