After a hard fight, Ryuichi Murai  finished his „Launching pad project“ in the Japanese bouldering crag  Mizugaki Yama (Mt. Mizugaki). Together with Toshi Takeuchi and Nomura Shinichiro, he tried for a long time on the boulder with the brutally small pockets. The boulder is divided into two parts, the first part being graded with V15 and the second part graded with V14.

Floatin“ is one of the fourth V16 boulder in Japan. All boulders in this grade in Japan are unrepeated.

„Last day best day!
Just before the gate closed, realized my dream “Launch Pad project”!

In the process of completion, struggled with many physical and mental factors.. severe finger skin damage from sharp granite, 0℃ cold condition, two low-probability savage cruxes..etc.

but the sense of fulfillment gained after overcoming them is immeasurable.
It was best day to find growth in my climbing life“

Photo: (c) Momoka Oda

In these videos you can see Ryuichi’s (still unsuccessful) attempts.