Dai Koyamada has now finished the so-called „roof project“ in the Japanese bouldering area Hinokage. Out with „Event Horizon“ (8C, V15) the most difficult boulder in the Hinokage or Kyhshu area.

„Today, we were able to complete the so called ‚roof project‘ that we had been trying in the pioneering area of Hinokage.

The weather has been unstable lately, with rain one minute and then suddenly it was like early summer, and yesterday it was hot enough to wear just a T-shirt during the day.

Today was a complete change, with cooler temperatures in the morning and very good rock conditions.
The project was climbed on the second attempt of the day, and the final crux, which we had expected to fall several times, was eventually completed without falling.
I felt a little disappointed, but the time required to complete the project might have changed a lot if I had not fallen in today’s attempts, which I don’t know now.
I just know that I was able to climb it on that day.
Maybe I just happened to be lucky today with a combination of good factors.

Well, I was happy to be able to climb the biggest goal of this tour.
The name of the challenge is „Event Horizon“.
The grade is probably V15, 5 dan + or so.
It is one of the hardest in Kyushu and the most difficult in Hinokage.

We would like to thank Yanai-kun and Ogata-kun and the Hinokage Boulder for their help with the maintenance.“