David Fitzgerald ist zur Zeit recht erfolgreich im Maltatal (Österreich) unterwegs. So holte er sich die 4. Begehung von „Lady in Black“ und eine Begehung des Klem Loskot Klassikers „Bügeleisen“ (Fb8b+). Zum Sitzstart von Nalle Hukkataival reichte es, wegen der doch zu schlechten Bedingungen, noch nicht, siehe auch Davids Kommentar zu seinen Begehungen bei Instagram:

“ I managed to climb Bügeleisen (8B+) in Maltatal, Austria! This line is literally as good as it gets. Didn’t think it was going to happen today as my skin was thinning and I’m still trying to shake off a head cold, but I’ve learned that patience is everything in this game. I took 30 minutes to relax in the sun before my last attempt and once I stood back into the shade, everything just connected perfectly at the right time. I feel privileged to climb such a proud line that has been on my mind for quite some time. Feels good to get the ball rolling again. Tomorrow, we night session the sit… “

„What a day! Today, I made the 4th ascent of ‚Lady in Black‘ (8B+)! This is hands down the best line I’ve ever done in this style. For several hours, we battled up the icy roads and trudged through knee-deep snow with many complications, but we got there in the end. Had to dig deep to pull this one together, knowing how difficult it would be to get back there. What an epic! So happy to make an ascent of yet another very special line. Loving it here in Maltatal! Had one really good session on Bügeleisen SS last night, despite some extremely wet holds. We have one more day of dry weather, so I’m gonna give it everything!“

David im „Bügeleisen“ (c) Sam Walker (Puzzleglass)