Seb Bouin, probably the most active French climber, is opening up a new high-end route with „Myr“ (9a+). Seb bolted the route near Montpellier about a year ago. The route can be divided into three parts. The first part is an 8a+ route, followed by a 7C boulder, to end with the crux „à quelques mètres de la légalité“ (9a).

This route can be divided in three parts. There is a first 8a+ route to arrive on to a first boulder section around 7c. Then, we join the crux of the 9a „à quelques mètres de la légalité“
I bolted the 9a and 9a+ one year ago, but I wasn’t able to send Myr last year. It’s a really cool route, hope to see some climbers on.
The name is derived from the Ukrainian/Russian word „мир“ for peace.