Belgian climber Anak Verhoeven repeats of the route „Jungfraumarathon“ (9a) in the Swiss climbing crag of Gimmelwald. Anak got probably the second women’s ascent after Katherine Choong. Perhaps there will soon be a third women’s ascent, because Solveig Korherr, from whom the Instagram video originates, is also on the crag ;-).

The 25-year-old Belgian climber is one of the strongest rock climbers in the world and could in her best year 2017 with „Joe Mama“ in Oliana, her new route „Sweet Neuf“ (9a+) at Pierrot Beach in France and ‚Ciudad de Dios‘ 9a/+ in Santa Linya, in the past already climbed three routes in grade 9a+ or 9a/+. In 2020, she was able to win the most difficult sport climb in Belgium with her route „Kraftio“ (9a). Last year followed „Patxitxulo“ 9a/+ in Oliana, with which Anak Verhoeven could celebrate her successful comeback after a torn tendon.

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