After Adam Ondra sents the most difficult route in the Czech Republic with „Zvěřinec“ in November last year, he free the artificially climbed route „Příklepový strop“ in his home crag of the Moravian Karst. The five! pitch ( 8b+, 8b+, 8a+, 7a and 6c) long route goes in a gigantic cave back to light. The real crux of the route, which was opened in 1986, is that it is only open for climbing for five days in December.

In addition, the poor protection and the also seasonal humidity and cold temperatures, which made the successful passage of the route difficult.

„The highest, longest and steepest cliff in Czechia has finally been free-climbed Moravský Kras (Moravian Karst), my homecrag, doesn’t offer only short sport-climbs and boulders but also bigger walls. Macocha is a very spectacular hole in the ground, very precious from a natural point of view, where climbing is only permitted upon special request for only 5 (!) days every year in December Příklepový strop is an old aid line from 1986 that was attempted for a free-climb previously by Dušan Janák and Jan Straka, and I am glad to make the first free ascent

The overlook of the pitches: 8b+, 8b+, 8a+, 7a and 6c doesn’t really make much justice for how adventurous, difficult and unique an experience it was Poor protection, humidity, cold temperature, wild overhang and a limited number of days you can try it make it something I will never forget.

Stay tuned for an epic YouTube video Coming soon.“

Photo: (c) Petr Chodura