There is something new from Florian „Flo“ Wientjes again. Three times 8C and once 8B+/C. With „From dirt grows the flower“ [8C] and „Forgotten gem“ [8C] (5th ascent) and „Dreamtime“ [8B+/C] there are now four more top boulders on his credit account.

Let’s let Flirna speak for himself: „Just before Christmas I was in Ticino for the first time this season. My goal was to look at the „Forgotten gem“. And that went directly on the short visit in one session. After Christmas I came back with friends for our annual New Year’s trip . On the plan was „Dreamtime“ and „From dirt grows the flower“, unfortunately the weather was not always perfect and I had a few mistakes built in so that on the trip was much failed. But on the last day it clicked and I could climb „Dreamtime“ in my 3rd session. Last weekend I had some more time and the plan was to finish the „From dirt…“. The first time I had tried the „From dirt…“ was four years ago and since then I tried it again and again but always fell at the Mantle. This year I changed my beta a bit on the Mantle and suddenly everything worked :)“.

Flo sends also the ultra classic „Bügeleisen sit“ [8C]“ in the Maltatal, but in 2021, not in this year.

Photo:  Florian „Flo“ Wientjes in „From dirt grows the flower“ (c) Xaver_Louis