Adam Ondra and Tomáš „Tomajda“ Sobotka took on a previously unfinished project on the „Eastern Corner“ in October last year and were able to start on the western bank in the Bohemian Elbe Valley and were able to finish the 50-metre climb of the route „Zpřítomnění“ but also „only“ a. f., i.e. the redpoint ascent is still pending. The key point is almost at the end of the route, far above the last piton. The name of the route „Into the Present“ probably speaks for the quite demanding „Saxon“ climbing.

(Video: AO Productions)

Insiders have known it for many years: The Czech Elbe walls have the firmest sandstone of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. Through the steep walls of the Elbe canyon, which are up to 80 metres high, there are lines that you would search in vain for on the German side. In other words, the walls offer some of the most beautiful climbing in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains and in the whole of Europe. If you want to see for yourself, order here the climbing guidebook from the Geoquest publishing house.