Seb Bouin als Spezialist für lange Routen hat ein Langzeitprojekt in der Verdonschlucht abgeschlossen. Vor neun Jahren bohrte er die Route mit 16! Jahren ein. Damals sicherlich noch etwas optimistisch, konnte Seb die Route „La côte d’usure“ (9a+) nun punkten.

Seb dazu bei Instagram: „I’d really like to thank you all for your kind words, ideas and comments. I’ll bear in mind all the solutions that can help me to progress. Unfortunately, for this month, it’s a bit too late to organise a trip to Norway. It doesn’t really matter for now, my project over there doesn’t run away. The hard weeks of training, were not lost, they paid off for the projects at home. Yesterday I did the first ascent of my huge 60m prow in the middle of the Gorges du Verdon at La Ramirole. This route means a lot to me, even though my main goal was my project in Norway. I bolted this route 9 years ago, when i was 16 years old. It’s by far the most beautiful route I have ever bolted, and climbed. I’m really happy with the First Ascent of „la côte d’usure“. I suggest 9a+ / 5.15a for the grade, this means that it’s becoming the hardest route at La Ramirole. Video is coming soon!“

Fotos: (c) Tilby Vattard