Melissa Le Nevé konnte sich eine Begehung der Route „Golden Ticket“ (8c+/5.14c) in Red River Gorge, Kentucky (USA) holen. Die Route wurde von Kenny Barker eingebohrt und von Adam Tayler erstbegangen. Adam Ondra konnte sich die Route im Onsight-Modus sichern. Hier das Video von Melissas Begehung:

Melissa bei Instagram:„Got addicted my trip to the US end with clipping the chain of #goldenticket 8c+ , one of those routes on my #todolist !! I think I havenu2019t been happier yet to climb a line ! Back in 2012, i was very impressed by the line and even more when I saw @adam.ondra onsighting it (which was one of my most inspiring experience in climbing). When I first tried it this year, I was even more impressed by the waterfall of massives moves the route has. I didnu2019t have to jump like @michaelakiersch in the middle section (which is super impressive!) but I was on my max max max span..!ud83dude48 after 3weeks of project processing going through all mental steps and weather struggle, I climbed this gem feel just on a cloud ! ud83dude0a nThanks a lot @pugklime for bolting this beauty ! Thanks a ton to all my old and new friends for an amazing time spent in the #rrg !nAnd Thanks a bunch @andywickstrom for the artist touch of my #batgirl!“

















Foto: (c) Andy Wickstrom