Wie gemeldet konnte Paul Robinson den Boulder „Karoshi“ (8C) in Hueco Tanks eröffnen. Es war die schon 6. Erstbegehung eines 8C-Boulders für Paul. Der Boulder befindet sich im selben Überhang wie Fred Nicoles Boulder „New Map of Hell“ (8A) aus dem Jahr 1996.

Paul zu seiner Erstbegehung: „Very very happy to have made the first ascent of, “Karoshi,” in Hueco Tanks! @westmountainmedia and I discovered this line last year when we went over to the newly opened, @fred_nicole “New Map of Hell.” I spied a set of holds that looked to climb straight out the steep overhang. Obvious start and a set of some gnarly sharp crimps to the finish. The line eluded me that season but upon some extra training this year, I can back this year motivated and psyched to try again! I re-learned all of the moves and started to dial it all in and eventually found myself on top of this very hard line for me. Always a great feeling to accomplish something that feels so tough. As for the grade, I am going to suggest V15/8C. It is always very hard to judge with a first ascent, but I am eager to hear what more people have to say about the line as it gets more traffic in the future. Video coming to the YouTube channel in the coming weeks  bouldering big thanks to everyone that supported me on this journey.“