Unglaublich: Jimmy Webb konnte mit „Lucid Dreaming“ in Bishop (Kalifornien) seinen 31. Boulder 8C oder härter klettern. Für die 5. Begehung des legendären Boulders aus dem Jahr 2010 von Paul Robinson benötigte er neun Projekttage.

„Throughout my climbing life I’ve always considered myself a terrible crimp climber. I convinced myself long ago that I was either too big, or just to weak to be able to push myself in this style. So with this in mind I’ve simply stayed away. I feel like I’ve always been scared to try these types of boulders because deep down I believed I was going to fail. Sometimes though, you just want to prove to yourself that you can do it. Or at least try damn hard. This was the case for me this winter season in Bishop. I arrived with zero expectations and on my 9th day of battle I was able to make an ascent of ‘Lucid Dreaming’ V15 // I learned a lot from this experience and the most important part of that was to always try and never shy away from a challenge just because you think you can’t do it. In climbing the biggest way anyone can improve is by pushing themselves towards a goal that they never thought possible. The process is long and exhausting but it teaches us so much.. and in the end we come out a stronger more capable person ready to push it even further.  So happy 2020 everyone. Let’s make it a good one! „

Hier das Video von mellow:

Foto: (c) Kevin Takashi-Smith