Lange war von Alex verletzungsbedingt nichts zu hören. Nun meldet sie sich eindrucksvoll zurück und konnte 4 1/2 Monate nach ihrer OP den Boulder „Trice“ (8A+/V12)  in Flagstaff (Colorado) klettern. Einen Tag später hängte sie noch den Sitzstart „Epochalypse“ (V13/8B) dran. Kaum zu glauben, aber war ihr 30. Boulder im Grad 8B und härter.

„GUYS!!! This was my first day out bouldering Post OP!!! I’m about 4.5 months post op and excited to see that I haven’t lost much! Hard work and not giving up really does pay off!!! Since I still can’t fall yet, not for another 3 month, I decided to go to a relatively smaller boulder! I managed to repeat “Trice -V12” in a few tries and then decided to give a link up a go and fell at the end. It was surprisingly hot out and didn’t help that the holds were in direct sun! We only hand about an hour or so to climb before we had to leave so psyched to go back and have some more fun outside! Thanks @molly.mitchell for the pics and doing a short sesh out at the boulders with me today!“

„I sent “Epochalypse” V13/8B! This is my first, new, send outside since my ACL knee surgery and I’m just under 5 months post op so I’m pretty happy about this!!! Funny thing is that I did a sit into “Trice” in May and thought it was this climb, but it was the other sit, “Epoch” and found out a week or so later. I guess I was saving this one to send for part of my recovery. Yes it’s safe since it’s not a tall boulder. Kind of a lowball climb, but hey! I’m getting outside and getting after it and all my training throughout my recovery has kept me fit and strong and I haven’t lost anything, actually gained A LOT of endurance!!!“

Foto: (c) Molly Mitchell