Mina Markovič, neben ihrer Landsfrau Janja Ganbret, eine der weltbesten Wettkampfkletterinnen, ist „Dank“ Coronapause, wieder häufiger am Fels unterwegs. So gelangen ihr innerhalb „kürzester“ Zeit erfolgreiche Durchstiege zweier 9a-Routen in ihrem Heimatgebiet Osp. Erst konnte sie Mitte Juli „Halupca 1979“ punkten und jetzt folgte noch „Waterworld„. , Bereits 2015 konnte Mina als erste Slowenin überhaupt mit „Fabela Pa La Enmienda“ in spanischen Santa Linya eine 9a klettern. In letzterer Route tat sie sich doch recht schwer: „The first time I tried Waterworld was like six weeks ago. Honestly, it really ’shut me down‘ as I didn’t understand anything at my 1st go. I know the route is quite ‚famous‘ for its complicated sequences, so it wasn’t such a ’shock‘ after all. Anyhow, I did not try it for two weeks but somehow, (on the shooting of Halupca 9a), I still wanted to climb more. This time, I somehow understood some moves (in theory!), but I was still far from doing them individually. At that time, I realized, that even if I do all of them, a fair amount of biceps strength would be the need for connection. It has, by far, been the longest project I have ever had. I stopped counting after 21 tries but all in all, I guess almost 30 tries over ten days. I did it on my fourth day climbing in a row on my 3rd go. Yes, my life would be easier if I sometimes know how to more rest  but, (un)fortunately, I just love climbing too much… „ Foto: (c) Luka Fonda