David Firnenburg gelingt die wohl erste Wiederholung der Fred Nicole „L’isola che non c’è“ (Neverland) (9a) . Die Route vom Schweizer „Bouldergroßmeister“ entspricht ganz die Stile des Boulderpioniers eher einem Boulder und entspricht der Kletterei eher dem Boulder „Witness the Fitness“ in Arkansas (USA). Frad bewertete die Route nicht, meinte aber, dass sie irgendwo im neunten Franzosengrad liegen könnte. David würde die Route mit 9a bewerten. Er investierte seit 2016 viel Zeit in der route bestehend aus einem Startboulder (8A) einer Dachtraverse im siebten Bouldergrad und einem Abschlussboulder im Grad 8A+.

Dazu bei Instagram: „Today David invested a lot of work into it.  Starting to try it without success in 2016, coming back for a couple of days in 2017, again without a happy end, and now finally sending it this season after another 3 days of trying his best. Maybe in total 8 days of work and over 15 tries (we didn’t count). It’s a huge feeling of relief and inner peace standing in front of this line finally finished and thinking back to a great process of contest with a piece of rock.

Fred didn’t give it a grade, just said it lies somewhere around the 9th french grade. David proposes 9a for a powerful Fb 8A boulder (so called “Cavernicole”) at the start, a Fb 7th graded traverse into a horizontal rest on a mini jug with heel-toe cam followed by a long and powerful Fb 8A+ boulder with spectacular swing and feet forward sequence at the very end. You sit start on crash pads and finish with a rope approx. 10 meters above the ground. But hey  to all strong climbers out there! Why not coming to Amden to give this masterpiece a try?

Thank you for the invaluable support and backing my beloved brother Ruben and @andrea_kuemin“

 (c) Lars Scharl