Nathan Michel meldet „Longue promesse“ 8C im französischen Le Pertuis mit auf Instagram seinen ersten 8C-Boulder und gleichzeitig seine erste Erstbegehung eines Boulders in diesem Grad. Nathan gelang zuerst der etwas leichtere Stehstart „Promesse“ (8B+), um dann einen „Tiefstart“ zum Start von  „Promesse“ anzuhängen.

Die Bewertung des Boulders dürfte nicht aus der Luft gegriffen sein, da er seit 2013 immerhin schon sechs 8B+ Boulder klettern konnte. Wir sind mal gespannt, was potentielle Wiederholer dazu sagen werden.

The story of “Promesse” began in 2015 when I was seeking new rocks to climb (as I always am). After an afternoon spent roaming the forest I stumbled upon this piece of rock. I spent a few sessions with my friend Yann Leray trying to find a way on top of this boulder, but at the time I wasn’t strong enough to climb it. I shelved this project, but made the promise (“promesse”) to come back stronger to make the first ascent…

This summer, I decided to seriously get back into training and to tackle a few dream goals, the first of which was obviously “Promesse”. After six sessions together with Sacha Ribeyron and Antoine Girard, we finally figured out a beta that felt possible for the easier high start (8B+). Though, a lower start seemed possible, so I started working on it and quickly managed to link it to the start of “promesse”. The section adds a short 7C boulder and makes the rest of the climb considerably harder. After that, it took me three more session and perfect conditions to finally free the full line. „