Foto:  (c) Instagram Jon Cardwell

Bei seinem Spanienaufenthalt holt sich Jon Cardwell die mittlerweile 23. Begehung der „La Rambla“ in Suirana (Katalonien). Es die bereits zweite Wiederholung in diesem Jahr und innerhalb einer Woche nach Gerard Rull in der letzen Woche.

 Jon meint dazu bei “ Not really sure exactly what made things work, except that I was just really excited to climb again in Spain after suffering from a bad finger injury last July. I worked patiently all late summer and into the fall/winter to rehab my finger and strength appropriately without risking re-injury. When I arrived in Spain, I felt refreshed and more motivated than ever to just enjoy the climbing with good friends. Also, I worked the route for a couple weeks last year when Matty and Margo climbed it, so I began this trip knowing all the beta quite well. „

Foto: (c) Daniel Woods