Nina Caprez ist immer noch in Leonidio unterwegs. Dieses Mal konnte sie im Sektor „Elona“ die Routen „Hanuman“ (8c) Rotpunkt und „Goliath“ (8b) sogar im besten aller Stile klettern.

Nina meinte dazu bei Instagram: „YEAH!!! Yesterday I sent Hanuman, a very steep and power resistant 8c in Elona!:-)
It has been over 3 years since I sent my last hard sport route. I feel very fortunate for having a healthy body, open mind and big motivation to make that happening. Big thanks to Bernd and @michaschreiber for the betas and encouragements!
At the end of the day I took advantage of the the pre placed quickdraws in the 8b “Goliath” I tried the other day onsight and was able to clip the anchor with a successful send as well. Rock’n Roll!:-)“

Foto: (c) Manabu Yoneyama