There is also something new from Jonathan Siegrist. He first ascented a new top route with „Nu World“ (9a+/b or 5.15a/b) in a new climbing area next to Las Vegas. The American climbed in total 14 routes in grades 9a + to 9b, including „Jumbo Love and“ La Planta de Shiva „two 9b routes. „From the brink of madness to complete elation.. Climbing has this special way of making us feel so deeply, all the while being somehow meaningless and yet also utterly everything at the same time. I gave a lot of mental, physical and emotional energy to this incredible route – and felt all of the ups and downs along the way. Very proud to say that it’s done! ‘Nu World’ FA. Unsure on the grade yet. It’s without question one of my absolute hardest, and in many ways it’s just the beginning! Look to @epictvclimbing for a video short in the sometime soon(ish). Photo and video by @orographic_visualf

Photo: (c) Nate Liles