Thomas Dauser gets his second route in this grade with the celebration of 'The Essential' (XI / 9a), after 'The Elder Statesman' on the Rotenstein in Frankenjura. 
The route also opened by Markus Bock situated on the neighboring 'Luisenwand'.

He means by instagram: 'In a major battle, I climbed "The Essential" (#9a) on Saturday. After my foot slipped twice at the last move to the jug, I finally climbed it in the 6th try on this day... and impressed myself. More exhausted than the previous tries, but very focused... seems like a rare moment where the mind wins over simple physical power. .
 The style is quite finger strength intensive. 18 moves, mainly on sharp pockets and crimps, also requiring delicate footwork. Probably one the most popular #9a in the #Frankenjura, located in #burggrub. It's my second route in this grade and I spent 8 days there since winter. I sent it on the second day of trying it ground up.  I've got a video of the sent,
 including the many fails on this day, coming along soon. by Ole Koenig, belay  by Max Dauser'

Photos: Ole König