The Austrian Michael Kemeter can claim the first free ascent of a large multi-pitch route „Mentre hi hagi llum“ (8b+/c) in the Mont-Rebei gorge in Spain. The route was opened in spring 2015 by Ignasi Miralpeix Llobet and Gil Furriols. The Mont-Rebei Gorge came into international spotlight no later than 2016, when Chris Sharmatried a very difficult multi-pitch route.

In the spring of 2015 Ignasi Miralpeix Llobet and Gil Furriols opened the 120 meter long route on the right side of the gorge. Only where it was absolutely necessary, she set bolts and the rest must be secured yourself. The two managed to finally climb the route, but did not manage to climb the crux in the 2nd length free. Mich Kemeter traveled to Catalonia in the winter of 2017 and tried the route with Ignasi. After four days, he climbs free all moves, but the time was not enough for a continuous redpoint ascent. Last winter, Mich comes back and was able to climb the route in one day.

The technical difficulties check in in grade 8b+/c (7b, 8b+/c , 7b+/c, 6c +) and do „Mentre hi hagi llum“ („As long as there is light“) to the currently hardest freeclimb route in Mont -Rebei gorge.

Photos: (c) Frank Kretschmann