Kaddi Lehmann succeeds as the second woman in the world with Kryptos (Fb8c) a Fb8c Boulder. In 2016, Ashima Shiraishi wrote climbing history when she first visited „Horizon“ (Fb8c) on Mount Hiei in Japan as the first woman. The Boulder „Kryptos“ is located in a small boulder area in the Swiss Jura near Solothurn and was opened in 2009 by Franz Widmer. So far, the boulder was repeated only by Boulder legend Fred Nicole. Kaddi discovered „Kryptos“ in March 2017, but then the boulder problem seemed impossible, but the idea was born. „When I tried it for the first time, I could not do much – just hold a few positions and most of the movements were impossible“. But that first impression did not scare her: „By the end of 2017, I had the idea of ​​seeing this boulder with all the other climbs as the ultimate goal, like small steps towards that goal, and I thought, if not now, then maybe never“. And her hard training program was worth it. Congratulations Kaddi!

Kaddi by Instagram: „If there’s something you really wish to do, don’t be scared, just do it.“ Daniel Jung said this once in a movie.
There was something – a boulder that I really wanted to try after my brother @chrlehmanov and @michaelsteimle68 showed it to me.
In middle of May 2018 I could climb the boulder Kryptos graded 8c.

Motivation, belief and happiness was key.

Kryptos is a beautiful line following a very obvious limestone seam. It is located in a small bouldering area in the Swiss Jura close to Solothurn and was opened by Franz Widmer in 2009.
I’m very happy that I could do this boulder. It didn’t feel easy and I think it is for sure the hardest boulder that I have done.

I am very thankful for many things that all came together to make this possible!

Thanks to the Leeman brothers and parents, especially one brother who introduced me to climbing – to me it’s so much more than just a sport or a physical activity.

Thanks to Scott and the whole climbing flat WG family, Fred & Mary, Nalle and Martin Kälble for the ‚climbing together happiness‘, thanks nice guys at the swiss border, thanks Jan Novak for the cool music for all those driving hours, thanks Micha for believing and the nice photos!“

Photo: (c) Michael Steimle