Jorge Diaz-Rullo Calvo announces the first ascent of the roof route „Panorama“ in the spanish climbing crag Patones. He made it very difficult to find a solution for the tricky route. The difficulty settles Jorge at 9a / + or 9a +. It’s George’s second route in this grade. He was able to climb „Ali hulk extension“ (9a +) last year.

Jorge Diaz-Rullo Calvo says on Instagram: „ Finally! What a joy after the climb! Undoubtedly one of the routes, that have shaped me so far … One million trials spread over 3 days in the last 2 years, 2 days last year and this year 8 days! It’s never easy to do a first ascent with so many tricks and much less if you tried it alone … [The difficulty is probably] between 9a / + and 9a +, the hardest thing so far! „