With Laura Rogora, it’s hard to believe that there have been few women so far who climbed a 9a route or harder. On this weekend, in addition to onsight ascents of two routes in the eighth French grade (“ No comment L2″ 8b and „Obi One Kenobi“ 8b+), the young Italian could climbed “ La terza età“ (9a) in the Italian climbing crag „San Rocchino“.

After the major events of the Olympics, Rockmaster and the World Championships, Laura Rogora is once again increasingly on the move on „natural rock“. Laura continues to underline her current exceptional position, after she was able to climb her first 9b route with Hulk extension total(sit)“ in Rodellar, Spain, last year. Besides Angy Eiter, she is the only woman to have achieved this so far. With the ascent of „Erebor“ (9b/+), the title of hardest female ascent probably belongs to her alone.

Photo: (c) Luca Andreozzi