According to David Graham, Daniel Woods was also able to get a repeat of the boulder „Black Eagle assis “ (8c) in the Rocklands (South Africa). Both climbed a slightly different version because the original variant is no longer available through breakouts. Daniel tried the line years ago, but he did not succeed in bringing the required wingspan. Only a tip from the first repeater Dave Graham to put a „heel hook“ led to the successful ascent. The Fred Nicole Boulder dates from the year 2002 and could not be repeated so far. Now Daniel is try a sit start to an existing 8A-Boulder in Colorado, a potential 8C+ problem. Daniel by Instagram: „Made the 2nd ascent of this perfect font esq power compression bloc which @dave_graham_ resurrected this season (the other versions of this line have broken over the years). I’ve tried this line as a stand on and off for a couple years, but for some reason could not figure it out and deemed it impossible for me. Even the way @dave_graham_ did it was too morpho for my size. In the end I found this heinous heel hook for the left that allowed me to make the large span and control this dope rip off of two gaston edges. It’s amazing when everything just works out haha!“

Photos: (c) Oliver Kruger