Alizée Dufraisse is currently back in the „Ali Baba“ cave in Rodellar after she was able to climb the route „Hulk extension“ 8c in September and is now sends her second 9a with „Proa Fin de Ali Hulk Extension„.

Alizée started with „Hulk“ (8b +), then climbed the 8c version in 3 sessions and the „8c+ Extension total“ after seven sessions. The route / boulder combination started with the boulder „Proa“ (7B) and then changes to the Hulk Extension. The strong French woman was also able to climb „Fin de ali hulk extension“ 8c and „Fin de ali hulk extension total“ 8c+ / 9a.

„I first climbed in the Ali Baba Cave because @dave_graham_ ’s main project was there. At the beginning I started by trying “Hulk” (8b+), which took me a looong time to understand. I struggled so much . I was told that it’s probably not my style and I would be better off focusing on other climbs, but I was having fun trying to find my own way up this crazy route, so I decided to just climb and enjoy it. After I finally did this pitch, I quickly climbed the extensions. My body adapted to the style and I could finally express myself while climbing in the cave. It took me, I think, three sessions for the 8c version and four more to do the 8c+ Extension Total. For the Proa start, the route I wanted to do since I first arrived in the cave, it took me maybe eight more sessions . I had to fight with every attempt, falling after giving it my all, with a lot of pain in my arms and legs. On my last go, I almost fell in the final moves, even though they were pretty easy, since my entire body was fully pumped. I finally clipped the anchor of this beautiful prow a few days ago. I am super psyched! I am proud I continued down the path of the unknown to arrive at this place. Now I feel well prepared for the next projects.“ Es war Dani Andrada, der 2005 die Ali Baba-Höhle in Rodellar fand und begann darin zu klettern und richtete zahlreiche Boulder und Routen ein, unter anderen auch „Hulk extension“. Im Jahr 2007 verband er dann viele von ihnen zur „Ali Hulk Extension total (Sit Start)“ 9b. Zu dieser Zeit hatte Andrada einen tragbaren Wagen gebaut und seine Spotter konnten seine Crashpads auf Rädern in der Höhle unter ihm her bewegen. Später setzte das „örtliche Putzkommando“ den Wagen in Brand, als sie dachten, Kletterer würden es zum Schlafen nutzen. Eine weitere Extremkombination schuf 2019  Jonatan Flor, welche dieses Jahr Laura Rogora und Dave Graham punkten konnten. Foto: (c) Josep Malo