A Reiner Kaschke repeats the „Superdirettissima“ on the 550 meter high north face of the Cima Grande di Lavaredo. Is that worth a message? of course. Reiner Kaschke, along with Peter Siegert and Gert Uhner, is member of the route’s first ascent rope team, which fought its way through the wall in temperatures of up to minus 20 degrees Celsius over 17 cold frosty days over 55 years ago. They used in in the „Age of Direttisimas“ 450 pegs and 25 bolts. A 450-meter-long connecting rope provided the three mountaineers every morning and evening with hot drinks and food, as well equipment. Accompanied by mountain guide Christoph Hainz, Reiner repeated the route at the age of 80, and that in 17 hours. The ascent was carried out but with „a little“ better conditions. https://www.facebook.com/christoph.hainz.16/videos/2138011316271525