The climbing pants „Mirage“ tested by us were provided to us by the Czech outdoor company Saltic. Visually make the three-quarter pants through the wide seams much ago. Like many climbing pants, it is mostly cotton (97%). The 3% elastane then ensure a certain elasticity of the fabric. The as usual, further cut pants, offer by the fit quite a lot of freedom of movement. We really liked the Velcro closure on the pants, so that you can adjust the trouser size ideally to the summer and winter figure 😉 and there is no annoying trouser button. Meaningful features are besides the normal pants pockets, two smaller zippered pockets on the sides, where you can stow away small things safely. Then the locker key in the climbing hall or, as in our alpine tour, the topo slides. The pants, which are designed for climbing and bouldering on the lower rock, also looked good on alpine terrain, although of course the pants are not water-repellent, but at least quite windproof. Sweat is relatively little due to the cotton content. A little rain causes the quick-drying pants for no problems, even the ability to climb in the wet state is still quite good. The pants are of course available in different colors. So the pants are available in black, red, light and earth colors, Except in the tested by us 3/4 version (MIRAGE THREE QUARTER), the pants are still in a short and a long version.

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