Ten days of bolting, climbing, highlining, nature and nights around the fire – A celebration of an international climbing and highlining culture and the spirit of vertical pioneering. In 2015 we created the Drill & Chill Climbing and Highlining Festival to playfully combat the status quo. The festival is organized by Climbing club Extreme Banja Luka and is conceived around the idea of connecting climbers, highliners and outdoor enthusiasts from Western Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region through the transfer of knowledge and experiences.

For all of you that like to travel and climb off the beaten paths, there still are a few hidden spots offering the feeling of wilderness, discovery and adventure – Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country rich with diverse forested mountain landscapes, quiet villages, welcoming locals, great food and an enormous abundance of uncharted and untamed limestone!

We invite you to be guests in our backyard and play with us. Here, we will set up camp for 10 days, work, climb, slackline, hang out, watch movies, party, enjoy traditional food and drinks or just chill in hammocks.

The festival will be focused on the development of the canyon Tijesno as a climbing and highlining area. Due to the alpine terrain, experience with multipitch climbing, steep approaches and loose rock is advised! For less experienced climbers who want to join us, we can point out some easier and less technically demanding climbs or some other nearby sport climbing areas. For everyone who wants to enjoy other outdoor activities off the beaten path, we will provide you with all the necessary advice and instructions on where to go.

The festival will take place from the 14th to the 23rd of September 2018 in the Canyon Tijesno near Banja Luka in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Therefore, please contact the organizer, if I want to open your dream route :-). Contact: extremebl@gmail.com. We will have a certain number of bolts, hangers and anchors that we can distribute amongst those interested.  Please notice that we can provide only some bolting material for highline anchores and that you should bring your own equipment (webbing, slings, pads, weblocks, pulley systems, etc.)

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