Adam Ondra has now arrived at his trip to United States in the Indian Creek (Utah). In the overhanging ‚ Offwidth ‚Crack ‚Belly full of bad berries „(5.13). Adam has to one, according to his own statement, of the biggest fights in your life. So, this offwidth Trad-Climb, only managed the Czech ‚rock master‘ in his second go. Adam by Instagram: „5.13 on my second go today, one the biggest fights of my life. Overhanging offwidth (offwidth is a kind of crack which is too wide for a fist, but too narrow to get inside with the whole body) is the most strenuos and weird climbing, in this case, it has to be climbed upside down. @blackdiamond @lasportivagram @mytendon @montura_official“

Photo: Bernardo Gimenez

Here a impressive clip from a other ascent: