The young german climber Paul was injured for a longer time. Now, he bounced back with an impressive tick-list of Kalymnos.

27.09.2018 – „Chameleon“ 8a Onsight, „Spartacus“ 7B + OS, „Spartakiade extension“ sector of Spartacus
28.09.2018 – „Aurora“ 8a Onsight sector Kalydna
30.09.2018 – „Gaia“ 8b, „Sardonique“ 8a Seond try sector Odyssey
03.10.2018 – „Full Job“ 8a Onsight „Narcissus“ 8a, „Chien Jaune“ 7B + OS secret garden
04.10.2018 – ‚Eros‘ 7c Onsight, „Angelika“ 8a second try sector Arhi, „Play Bazuki“ 8a Onsight, „Lamia Diva“ 7c Flash sector secret garden
07.10.2018 – „nadir 8B +“ „Siren“ 7c, 5 go, „Amphora“ 7B OS OS, „Inti Raymi“ 7B + OS sector Odyssey
Overall, there were nine routes in the degree of difficulty of 8a and harder in just 6 days of climbing! „Nadir“ (8B +) Paul was his 100th route grade 8a in the 5th attempt and climb harder.