The Munich Thomas Lindinger sends the fifth ascent ‚Hips do not lie sit‘ (8B +) in Frankenjura. The boulder should be relatively easy for the grade. So the Boulder begins with four moves, in the grade Fb7b + until the start. It continues to be technically demanding with many hooks and shoulders. For Thomas, the ascent was unexpected, he wanted to treat himself but a few attempts in the boulder. So it was after Moritz World, Moritz Perschwitzky, Gabri Moroni and Christof the 5th ascent. The sit extendend by Markus Bock on the boulder  ‚Hips do not lie‘ created bei Fabian Christof.

Thomas by Instagram: „Sometimes the unexpected happens: Woke up today with the plan to drive to the Frankenjura and give ‚Hips don‘t lie sit‘ [fb 8B+] some tries. I didn’t feel totally rested and therefore I got doubts whether it was worth to go. I decided to do so though! Nevertheless the whole drive my mind went crazy not knowing if I had a real chance today. The warm up was tough, too. I tried the upper crux with some other beta I saw in a video. But it didn‘t work for me. Checked my beta again and it felt better from try to try. Then did the first tries from the ground. Fell two times on the lower moves. Gave it a third try and fell at the last hard move again But it was soooo close that my mind got a bit more optimistic. Rested for 20 minutes. Gave it the next burn. and yes I made it the top Stay tuned for the video!“

A clip from Moritz Perwitzschky’s ascent: