Last week, Ethan Pringle sends the 5th ascent of „Kintsugi“ (8C) in the Red Rocks (Nevada, USA). He given a personal grade of 8B +. Nalle Hukkataival ctreated the boulder in the year 2015. He means after his ascent „I think the amount of time it takes you to do something is pretty directly related to how hard it is, yep!“ That’s right, Ethan :-).

Ethan to his ascent: „This was the moment I thought, “oh weird, I’m still on the wall!” You can rehearse and prepare for life all you want, but I guarantee things won’t go as planned. My left foot never cut like this when I did this move on the rope, all nice and relaxed. But on the go, I went for the right hand sloper on the lip so hard, my body lurched too far out from the wall to keep the foot on. Fortunately, my toe-hook stayed. If it hadn’t, I might have gone for the ride! Facu would have caught me though. and I’s trip to vegas is over, and we are back in Cali, back on the real-life grind. For her, it’s clients and notes. For me it’s emails, and daddy duties…
It was a really fun trip! Filled with beautiful weather and scenery, laughing with friends and getting stuck with cactus needles, and even a few sends! Unfortunately, on our last day, right at the end of the day, I hurt my knee, heel hooking at the bottom of Trieste… part of me is like, “is that the price I pay for having such a good trip, or eating too much ice cream at night? Is that karma?”
But, I’m interpreting it as a blessing. If I’m sidelined from bouldering outside and comps for a little bit, I can use the time to focus on strength training! Something I’ve been ignoring for oh, about 20 years now . Who knows, maybe I’ll finally be able to do a one-arm with my gimpy, uncoordinated left arm? Training starts NOW! Well, right after these Tate’s cookies are gone…“

(c) Alex Arestei