The Swiss Giuliano Cameroni manages his first 8C + Boulder and the first ascent. The rating is likely to fit, since he already has 7 8C-Boulder in his tick list. It is the second 8C+ Boulder in the swiss after the first ascent of « Odd the wagon low » by Shawn Raboutou at the end of last year. Here a short interview:

Congratulations on your first ascent of „Poison the Well“. When did you discover the line and try it for the first time?

„This projects is been known for more than a decade, and always considered as one of the best projects in Ticino!“

How long have you tried the boulder?

„I I tried it for 8 days, which is a solid amount of time in my opinion! I had to rest a lot between sessions because I always needed to be 100% in order to give some good tries.“

It’s also your first boulder in this grade Do you still have a comparison and do you already tried other boulders in this grade?

„This is my first of the grade, but in the past months I tried many hard problems, so now I have a better idea of what an 8c+ should look like“

Could you describe the boulder in more detail?

„The boulder is a 40 degree overhanging wall. There aren’t many trickeries, only think you need is power and finger strength. There are seven moves, but the crux involves around the 5th and the 6th move, which could be considered 8C itself. The exit to the top is the classic boulder „Pamplemousse“ (8A).“


Pic one: (c) Paul Robinson