Yesterday Stefano Ghisolfi, for him completely unexpectedly, succeeded the first repetition of the probably hardest route in Italy „Queensline“ (9b). Two years ago the route was climbed for the first time red point by none other than Adam Ondra. The Route boltet by Mauro and Diego Mabboni in the Laghel area near Arco. It was the fifth 9b route for Stefano! Last year Stefano made the first repeat of Alex Mego’s „Perfecto Mundo“ (9b +). He is next to Adam Ondra, Alex Megos and Chris Sharma to the illustrious circle of climbers who could climb a 9b+ route. Now he will try another project there, the King Line, that has a harder ending to the Queen Line.

Stefano after his ascent: „Today, totally unexpectedly, I did the second ascent of the hardest route in Italy and very first 9b of Arco, The Queen Line, climbed for the first time by @adam.ondra and bolted by Mauro Mabboni. I was very close to falling in every part of the route, even when the hardest section was over, and I had to give my 100% to complete the climb. The route is slightly harder then the other 9b’s I climbed, so it’s the second hardest route for me just after Perfecto Mundo. Thanks to @sara_grip for the pic and Mauro for bolting this masterpiece and for the video (that is coming soon!)“

Photo: (c) Sara Grippo