It took 25 years before the top route of its time „Akira“, first ascented by Fred Rohling, was repeated by two climbers with Seb Bouin and Lucien Martinez. Now the 18-year-old Frenchman Joshua Fourteau was able to send the forth ascent of route in Vilhonneur en Charente, France.

„For me it was the second route of the mythical (9a) trilogy by Fred Rouhling; namely „Hugh“, „Akira“ and „De l’autre côté du ciel“. „Akira“ graded as the first 9b in the world and has now unfortunately been downgraded to 9a (by Seb Bouin – editor’s note). Nevertheless, I would like to thank Fred Rouhling, the visionary and climbing legend, whose work made it possible for me to enjoy these two great lines. „