The 17-year-old Frankonian Moritz Welt announces an ascent of the route „Shangri-La “ 11-/11 (8c+) in the Northern Frankenjura. Despite upcoming high school exams, Moritz found enough time, and after only 3 days of projecting the route, on April 19, 2019, he could link all the moves together. „Shangri-La “ was for a long time considered the second hardest route in Germany to „Action Directe “ after its first ascent by Guido Köstermeyer in 1995 and thus became one of the test pieces of Franconian climbing. After a boulder around fb7C+, 10 meters of challenging endurance climbing in the 10th to upper 10th grade (8b/8b+) follow, including a hard sequence at the end. Since 2014, there has also been a direct exit of Alexander Megos, which has the name „Nice freshly baked “ and is ranked in grade 11 (9a). Possibly another future project for Moritz?