Swedish invasion at the beginning of the spring in the Frankenjura. Swedish climber Aleksej Jaruta has done some amazing barefoot climbs in northern Frankenjura in the last days of march this year. This could be the most severe barefoot ascents in the Frankenjura, but can not be confirmed at this time. He gets the following redpoint ascents: ‚Black Magic‘ (8+; Onsight!), ‚Unplugged‘ (9-), ‚Oasis‘ (9-/ 9), ‚Rockpalast‘ (9), ‚Hole Amplifier‘ (Hole Improver) (9+), ‚Finger Food‘ (10-), ‚Primeur de Luxe‘ (10-10) and ‚Fireball‘ (10). On Friday, March 29, he managed the Markus Bock Route ‚Primeur de Luxe‘ (10/10) red point barefoot. Aleksej was also able to do the route ‚Fireball‘ on Sunday, March 31st in the 10th grade redpoint barefoot. This is a variant of the line ‚Primeur de Luxe‘, which moves to the left after the second hook. It is amazing and astonishing at the same time what Aleksej Jaruta has achieved during his last visit to the Frankenjura in recent days.