The 15 year old Bulgarian Alex Totkova sends an 8c route in her home area of ​​Vratsa with “Memento mori”. Originally rated 8b +, she personal grade the route more difficult. Only this spring Alex was able to score her first route in this difficulty level with „Victimes del futur“ (8c + / 9a) in Margalef, Spain. Only last year the Bulgarian climbed her first 8c route with „Goofy“ in Leonidio, Greece, at the age of 13.

„And here in Vratsa is may be the first 8c “Memento mori”, on “Golyamata dupka”. I think this route is quite difficult than “Amuerte to the top” and “4×4”- 8b+, because on this two routes you have more rests than “mori”. I wait new sends to be a pretty sure.“