The art of projecting.
Even if I am training for big objectives I need to climb projects outdoor.
For sure I need also to train inside, yet without rock I am loosing my motivation.
So I found a good receipe to keep my motivation hight and train in the same time.
I am climbing on rock the first part of the day and training inside during the evening.
With this combinaison I managed to send : ✔️8c+ FA „Premier de cornée“ St Guilhem le Désert
✔️8c+ FA „délire onyrique“ Les gorges de la vis
✔️8c „super samson“ Claret
✔️8c „Biocénose“ Les joncas

Pic by Etienne Tafary / tchalo production in a project in Abella de la conca.

Thank you to support me in these projects @blackdiamond @eb_climbing @altissimo_grabels @kayland_official @amazonas_ultralight @natureclimbing