Keita Kurakami, supported by the local Dave MacLeod, extended the Trad Route „Mega Bracket (E7 6c)“ by three pitches. For this he gave the name „Mega Kagi-Kakko“. This is the  japanese name for „bracket“.

Keita in Facebook: „Finally I added new 3 pitches route “Mega Bracket (E7 6c)” on Creag Mo with Dave MacLeod . The origin of the name of the route is just the feature of the wall and I gave 2nd name to this route, “Mega Kagi-Kakko”. Thankfully I had a chance to open a new route in this beautiful place. I also had good conversation with the crag and climber friends, Masa SakanoDark Sky Media and Dave MacLeod . It was my first time to open new route with foreign climber friends. “Kagi-kakko” is used as a bracket in Japanese language (“「 ” ; you can see this symbol in Japanese conversational sentence) but it’s not used in another language. So this 2nd name would be reminded memories of this experiences. Still, there is more more potential to open a new route. This symbol needs another one to finish the conversation. So I hope to come back again this place!“